Adopt Me!

Even though this project has officially sunsetted, we will still gladly match up willing writers and participating bloggers.

If you are a WGA member and you like what we did here and you want to tell your story, email us at You can also seek out each of the participating bloggers directly at their individual sites.


4 Responses

  1. I am a WGA member and would like to get in touch with Kate Purdy. Do you think you could ask her if it’s okay if you give me her email address? Thanks sor much.


    • I don’t know if I even have an email address for her anymore, but if I do I will send her your request.

  2. Would love to meet some of the writers from Criminal Minds as I write a lot of criminal drama in my past times. Living in Australia and being so far from the Hollywood actions, would love to get some advice on how to perfect my writing to make it a possible broadcast material.


  3. Hi. I want to start a reality show staring me and some of my friends. We are all great actresses. The show would be about 4 girls at an all girl school dealing with every day teen drama, boys, grades, back-stabers, dreams, and friendship. So if any of yall think this should be a show, then someone please contact me or snend me someone’s phone number that I can contact to get this show started.

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