Adopt a Writer Update

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The organizers of Adopt A Writer would like to thank all the writers who allowed us to interview them for this project. We truly enjoyed getting to know them and telling their stories and while we would love to continue to “adopt” writers, after much consideration we have decided to let this site die a natural a death.

The strike is over and so is this project.

But before we sign off for good, we have a few more interviews to post. They were conducted when the strike was still going on or just ending and we hope that you enjoy them. We apologize to the writers and the bloggers who interviewed them for our tardiness in posting them. Sometimes real life gets in the way of blogging.

The strike might have ended, but we haven’t stopped supporting the writers. The participating bloggers made a lot of great connections during this project and we hope to continue the spirit of this site by posting interviews with lesser known TV writers whenever we can. We hope all the new readers we’ve met here will come over to our individual blogs to read them.

Thanks again to everyone who made this project a success: writers, bloggers, and readers alike. We’ll miss it.