About the project

Adopt A Writer was a project organized by entertainment bloggers in support of the Writers Guild of America, in association with United Fandom and United Hollywood during the 07-08 labor dispute between the WGA and the AMPTP.

Several of the top independent entertainment blogs signed on to interview WGA members about their lives as working writers—and as striking writers—with the goal of putting a human face on the WGA. We hoped to show the public that the average TV writer is much more like the average viewer than the AMPTP wanted us to believe.

The strike ended less than a month after the project began and though this site is no longer active, we haven’t stopped supporting the writers. Participating bloggers hope to continue the spirit of this project by posting interviews with lesser known TV writers whenever they can. We invite all the new readers we’ve met here to come over to our individual blogs to read them.

Participating Blogs:


24 Responses

  1. Cool project. Good luck with it and may the best side win (you know who you are!).

  2. This is such a cool/great thing to do !!! I am a freelance writer myself, newspaper and magazine and also do publicity, and I applaud you all for doing this for the writers who are on strike. I especially like the profiles of each of the writers.

    Well done !

    CeliaSue Hecht

  3. This is an amazing idea! I’m looking forward to reading about more writers. I hope that bloggers who aren’t necessarily tv bloggers will be able to adopt too!

  4. Are you accepting additional blogs/contributors who are interested in participating? If so, count me in! I’d love to help and this is a fantastic project.

  5. Thank you so much for the kudos and for offering to become a foster blogger, Jo! Right now we need to make sure all the original members have writers to adopt, but if we get to a place where we have more writers than bloggers and we start opening it up to other people, we will certainly let you know.

  6. Awesome! I blog for RevolutionSF, if you have a scifi (or related genre) writer that needs adoption after the big matchmaking dance feel free to send’em my way.

  7. What a fantastic idea. I would love to adopt a writer. I’m sure they’re already house broken.

  8. Thanks for your interest Matt and Stephanie. We’ll put you both on the waiting list!

  9. (sniffle) Nobody wants to adopt a crew member. Maybe because the assumption is that they are not housetrained. Not true!

  10. Not at all. Meg! We just had to keep our project focused so that we didn’t bite off more than we could chew. We might have done that anyway, but please don’t spread that around ;-)

    Hopefully some other group of bloggers will see our site and your comment and start “Adopt A Crew Member.”

  11. I’d love to be added to the waiting list too. (I edit Pop Whore, a movie/TV blog.)

  12. Added :-)

  13. Could you also add me to the waiting list please? I write a pop culture blog called The Faded Silver Screen.

  14. Sure! But just so you know, we have already added three blogs to the team and you are still #15 in line.

  15. How can I get involved??

  16. Michael: Right now the original bloggers plus a few recent additions are able to handle all the adoption requests, but I will put your contact info and a link to your blog on our waiting list.

  17. I’d love to adopt a writer! I have an entertainment / day to day blog and I’d love to help out with this project!

  18. Adding you to our very, very long waiting list…

  19. I would love to adopt! (Sally Struthers tears)

    I’ll adopt a writer, crew member, BTL (below the line) worker…anyone who is affected by the strike. Please contact me if this is possible. Meanwhile I’ll clean and fluff up the place in anticipation.

    I’m a new WGA East associate with not a lot to do right now. I know that even if the strike is settled tomorrow these guys are still going to need support while getting back on their feet.

  20. Hi Gladgirl! I am not sure how being interviewed will help striking writers get back on their feet, but we have considered continuing this project even after the writers have been given fair contracts, so we will add you to the waiting list of interested bloggers now.

    To help below the line employees and others affected by the strike with actual MONEY, go to the WRITERS GUILD FOUNDATION INDUSTRY SUPPORT FUND and make a donation.

  21. I would love to participate, if it is still possible. I am in the process of reviving my dormant blog, and this seems like a good cause to be alligned with. Let me know if I can “adopt a writer”.

    T. Primo

  22. Hi T. Thanks for your interest. I will put you on the waiting list.

  23. I would love to adopt a writer. Please put me on the list. I do a Supernatural blog –in case that’s not obvious from my site.

    All my best.

    Jonathan Ramsey

  24. I also have a Reaper blog, and would love to adopt a writer.


    Jonathan Ramsey

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